What is an Envelope...

Posted on 09 Apr, 2018

If food is a way of communicating love, warmth, caring, even civilization as sociologists and anthropologists affirm, we aim to be the envelope in which those messages are conveyed.

The arepa: a white, hot, somewhat flat, somewhat full –depends on what takes your fancy at the moment- is a round, gluten-free corn pocket, that has lovingly held traditional venezuelan flavors for centuries. From luscious fresh white cheeses to shredded beef, either crisp or moist; avocado, tomatoes, stewed shark with or without ripe plantains, pork roast, or amazing combinations thereof, Venezuelans have conveyed millions of delightful messages to each other and themselves, inside the soft, welcoming white envelopes they call arepas.


And food being an esperanto, an universal language of the senses, is not surprising Baltimoreans have taken to receiving messages both appetizing and surprising, delivered in White Envelopes.